You CAN cope without the things you THINK you need the most!

With only a matter of days until Lent is over I think this post was relevant to write. It’s a good analogy that I can relate to and I’m sure you can too.

Taking part in Lent…

I don’t give up something for 40 days and 40 nights for religious reasons, I do it because I like a challenge. I like to test my willpower and strengthen myself by going without something I love during Lent.

Now, my weakness is chocolate – I just LOVE it, I crave it daily and it’s the one thing that can really boost my mood. It has to be Cadbury’s of course and no, there’s no sharing of the sharer bags of Cadbury’s Giant Buttonsthey’re like kryptonite.

So, how do I cope going without the thing I love most for a long period of time.

Quite, easily to be honest.

I say this as I focus on the WHY I’m doing it and admittedly I fill this void with something else that makes me happy – usually pick n mix! (The non-chocolate sweets of course.)

And I want to relate this concept to life generally, because believe it or not you CAN and WILL cope without the things, or even people you think you need the most.

You’re made of strong stuff and you will get through this.

You learn to adapt, cope and grow in both strength and character. It’s all part of becoming the best version of you.

I can say this as proof as not only can I cope without chocolate, but I survived a previous break up of an 8 year relationship that at the time I thought my world had ended. I thought I’d lost my purpose, myself and questioned how would I cope without them.

Yes it wasn’t easy, yes some days were tougher than others, but I continued fighting and carrying on.

Skip forward a few years I’ve met the person who actually is my soulmate, is my world and makes me realise exactly why I went through that devastating period in my life.

Because I was destined for better.

And this is the exact same for you – if something isn’t meant to be then it won’t. Sometimes the thing you think you need the most you actually don’t, and in some occasions you’re actually better off without it. But of course hindsight is a great thing for making you realise this!

A quote I’ve heard that I really resonate with, particularly in relation to the theme of this post is:

“Things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you.”

Yes, this is true, whilst it may be the worst thing in the world at the time it is the biggest blessing in disguise.

Embrace all the things that happen to you no matter how bad they may seem at the time. Trust in your strength to get you through and believe the fact that the universe DOES have your back!

You can and will survive this, I know you will.

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