More than just your ‘average’ day…

Today, March 8th, makes a very important day within the global calendar. That date, yes you’ve guessed it, is…

International Women’s Day!

Unknown to some, we celebrate this day to empower women. Focusing on all political, financial, cultural and social successes of women throughout the ages. Or to be exact, we have been commemorating this day since 1977.

International Women's Day

Women, you’re stronger than you realise, and we are even stronger when we come together – united!

So do something great today:

  • Tell your mum you love her
  • Compliment your colleague
  • Be grateful for your best girl pal
  • Smile at a female stranger

Hone in all of the above, and embrace being a woman, along with the power that we now have in the 21st century.

there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish!'

I shall leave you with one final thought, and that is to always stay as a FAST female.

By fast I don’t mean being an Olympic athlete, or being the first to grab free food in the staff kitchen. No, I mean F.A.S.T. …





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