‘Mum’s the word…’

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today I want to highlight a taboo topic that should not be kept ‘mum’.

Traditionally, Mothering Sunday was a day given to children, particularly daughters, who worked as domestic servants. A day off work that they would use to visit, or spend time with, their mother and family members.


Now, unfortunately the day has been stripped of tradition and has been heavily commercialised. Literally days after Valentines you see supermarkets and card shops stuffed with Mother’s Day memorabilia.

The tacky plastic heart ‘I love mum’ keyring, and giant teddy bears wearing t-shirts reading ‘world’s best mum’, yet the face of the bear looks more sullen than smiley.

Also, not to mention the cost of flowers doubling in price – just because it’s Mother’s Day!

1 - Mother's Day

Yes, I’m sure you get my point. However, we may miss the whole point that Mother’s Day is a time to be shared with (yes, you guessed it) your mum!

A day to show your mum, or a strong female figure in your life, gratitude for all that she does, and not shower her with ‘commercialised c*@#’ that she doesn’t even need or have any use for.

Not only do we give time, celebrate, and be thankful for our own mothers. We also need to think of those mothers, who aren’t as fortunate as others.

Yes, here comes in the taboo topic. Of course, I’m talking about mothers who have unfortunately loved and lost, and can be known as ‘Angel Mums’.

Angel Mum:

‘A woman who’s baby has passed away before being born.’

– Urban Dictionary

Even though these women do not physically have their child with them, this does not make them any less of a mum.

Mother's Day Design (1).png

We should make sure that these women are celebrated too. As believe it or not they’re our strength, our inspiration, depicting the true power that a woman can possess.

They show the true courage of a woman!

How many people could you honestly say get given an unthinkable circumstance such as this, and come out the other side fighting?

I could count this number on one hand.

We should embrace these women and celebrate them. For only the strongest of people could go through such a pain, then carry on living, and fighting strong.

‘On Mother’s Day I can think of no mother more deserving than a mother that had to give one back.’

– Erma Bombeck

Today, when you’re sat with your mothers, and even grandmothers, please just take one minute to think of those ‘angel mothers’ out there. As they aren’t as fortunate as some to share the day in the presence of their children.

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