7 ‘must-read’ books for World Book Day!

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March, so I thought I’d get you started with some of my personal favourites.

I’d like to say that I fancy myself as a bit of a book worm, yet I much prefer gripping, dark stories of crime, murder, deceit, betrayal and in some cases revenge.

Yes, I’m a girly girl, but I’m not fond of love stories at all – yawn – unless it’s a Christmas edition, then I’m a sucker for a festive fairy tale.

Now you know a little bit about the stories I like, I’ve complied 7 books below which I believe are a must-read!

1. The Rumour by Lesley Kara 

The Rumour - image sourced Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com 

We all know rumours can cause pain, upset, and worst of all they destroy lives!

This books does exactly that.

As it all starts with a rumour at the school gates that a child killer is living in the area under a new identity. As rumours do, the word completely spreads across the neighbourhood, damaging lives and friendships of those that get in the way.

Be prepared for the ultimate plot twist – I definitely didn’t see it coming!

2. Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister

Anything You Do Say - image sourced by Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com

This is a complete ‘sliding doors’ style book that follows two different paths the character takes.

In a nutshell the plot is along the lines of: it’s late at night, you’ve left a bar and as you’re walking back home you can hear footsteps close behind. You feel as if you’re being followed, so you turn around and there is a man behind you, and in shock you push him down some steps.

The man falls and he is just lying there on the ground, but do you call the ambulance or do you leave him for dead?

Well this character did exactly that and the book follows both paths of these choices.

3. An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

An Unwanted Guest - imaged sourced by Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com

This is the third instalment of the ever popular Shari Lapena, better known for writing the book: The Couple Next Door!

I’m an absolute fan of this author, and this book is just as good as her other two books – I’m torn between which book I like the best!

This books follows a group of strangers visiting a secluded hotel for the weekend, yet things take a dark turn when the power cuts out and a body is found.

There’s no escape and a killer is amongst them – but who is it?

4. How To Quieten Your Mind by Anna Barnes

How To Quieten Your Mind - Image sourced by Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com

This is a great and popular choice for those who struggle to switch off, and I can definitely relate as I always feel as if my mind has thousands of tabs open all at once!

It’s not so much a lengthy book; as there’s quite a few vibrant and attractive illustrations with positive, motivational quotes on them throughout.

I’ll admit I haven’t read it properly yet, as it’s on my list of ‘books to read this year’, but it’s definitely one you can flick through at ease!

5. The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin

The Birthday Girl - image sourced Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com

It’s her birthday, and she’s definitely calling all the shots!

This book is a psychological thriller, and follows a group of women who get invited to their friend’s birthday adventure weekend, which is full of surprises and mysteries.

Everything is not as it seems, and one of them is hiding a secret which the birthday girl is planning to reveal!

I’m currently reading this book, and I may only be 100 pages in, but so far so good!

6. The Girl Before by JP Delaney

The Girl Before - image sourced by Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com

I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite being told by a friend that it wasn’t great, but worth a read.

This book follows the story of two women who live in a ultra modern and minimalist house, designed by an enigmatic architect.

There are certain rules required to live in this house, and the story unravels of the tenant ‘the girl before’ who previously lived there, and how the lives of her and the current tenant intertwine.

Be prepared for plot twists along the way!

7. The Magpies by Mark Edwards 

The Magpies - image sourced by Waterstones UK
Image sourced by Waterstones.com

You might think that you have nightmare neighbours, well try comparing them to these neighbours in this gripping book.

A young couple move into their new home, which starts out smooth at first until strange things start happening that they believe are connected to one of their neighbours. It’s all small things at first that slowly build; you think they’ve experienced the absolute worst, but the unthinkable is approaching…

When you reach this part in the book it hits you like a double decker bus!

I was totally gripped the whole way through, and I was actually recommended this book by a friend – so I’d like to pass the trend on!

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