Words of Wisdom Wednesday…

Following popularity from last week’s post, I’m giving you another simple one!

The words of wisdom this week are as simple as:

Just stop…

By just stop, I mean:

Stop comparing
Stop judging
Stop negativity
Stop punishing
Stop scouting
Stop jealousy
And most importantly…
Stop paying attention to people’s lives on social media!
– The K Conversation


People are only posting and showing you what they WANT you to see.
You won’t see their struggles, their downfalls and the darkness in their life. But believe me it does happen.
We’re all guilty of comparing our lives to others, and feeling jealous of what we see sprawled across social media.
Yet in reality what we really need to be doing is:
Start paying attention to your own journey, be content with where you’re at and start switching off your attention to what you see on social media!
 Where you are right now is where you’re meant to be! 🖤

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