Loss can leave you feeling lost…

There’s an indescribable stillness and sadness in the air today, as we all try to comprehend the news of the Queen’s death, and the changes that are ahead.

It’s come as a complete shock and has left us feeling quite lost; it simply doesn’t seem real.

We naively believed the Queen would live forever (like we do with the ones we love), because for many of us this is all we knew. She gave a lifetime of service to us, and her friendly face and genuine nature gave us that comfort and familiarity in life that we all long for.

We’re feeling hurt, and a personal loss that for some is hitting harder than we could have ever imagined it would.

I know I am.

Now is the time to come together, support one another and simply just be there. Have the thoughts of others in our hearts and offer kindness to all, even strangers, as this is a tough and triggering time for many.

Whether you were a fan of the Royals or not, we have still suffered an incredible loss that all of us can relate to. The Queen was not only our monarch, she was a mother, sister, wife (widow), grandmother and great grandmother.

Losing family members and those people we truly look up to has a huge impact on our lives; it’s a pain that’s too unbearable to put into words.

It can leave us feeling empty, lost and our heart feels heavy.

Stand together; hug your loved ones that bit tighter, love them a little harder than you already do, put aside any lingering differences you may have and simply forgive.

Don’t regret not being there and being present in people’s lives. You don’t want to look back and question what if, or wish you could turn back the clock.

Make the efforts today, tomorrow and always to remind your loved ones how much they mean.

Life is precious, but it’s not forever.

Grief can hit us hard and leave us feeling totally lost. But it’s a reminder of how much love we have for an individual, and the precious memories we shared together that will last a lifetime.

Grief is the price we pay for love.

– Queen Elizabeth II

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