Words of Wisdom Wednesdays!

I’m sharing some words of wisdom with you today! 

You only get ONE life.

So, if you’re not doing something that makes you truly happy,

then my friend, it is time for CHANGE! 

As my mum has always taught me: ‘this life you are living right now is not a rehearsal. It’s real life and real time. So use it wisely, and always do what makes you happy!’

These words have always stuck with me.

Copy of International Women's Day

Please don’t confuse this with making choices for the sake of others’ happiness. Yes, we are all guilty of this, but it’s YOUR life. Harness it, and focus on what truly makes YOU happy.

It may sound selfish saying it out loud, but there is nothing more rewarding than indulging in some self love, and it’s healthy too!

Do something that you take pleasure in; an activity that brings a smile to your face.


Self happiness and self reward can come in all types of forms:

  • Eat that doughnut or chocolate cake you’ve had your eye on – we won’t tell anyone!
  • Buy that expensive handbag you’ve always wanted – it’s okay to treat yourself!
  • Quit that dead end job that brings you nothing but misery – it wasn’t adding any value to your life after all!
  • Go travelling – with so many beautiful countries on offer, you’d be stupid not to!
  • Have some ME time – the key to love and happiness begins with YOU! 

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure it makes you smile and you’re doing it for YOU!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Benardchinua says:

    So insightful indeed. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found it insightful!


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