Words of Wisdom Wednesdays!

It’s that time again!

The most wonderful time of the week, where we’re over the hump and rolling on down to the weekend! Not only is it almost the weekend, but it’s almost EASTER too – what more could you want?

My words of wisdom for you this week are: 

You are an unstoppable force, so don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams, and most certainly never let anyone dull your desires!

Similarly to last week’s words of wisdom, this really focuses on self love and true appreciation of your self worth.

It’s very easy to get tied up and bogged down with other people’s perceptions and expectations of you. So, ask yourself this…


Yes, you heard me and YES I said it!

We should not be so wrapped up in others thoughts and how they see us.

Unfortunately in this life, there are people who do not want to see others succeed. Strange I know, however these people do exist, so we need to shield them from our lives, and instead surround ourselves with people who truly care and want to see us achieve everything our heart desires!


Next time that negative energy or person comes crawling your way, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this person live MY life?
  • Are they responsible for MY future?
  • Do they control MY happiness?
  • Do they truly understand ME?

Yes, as you can see above it’s all about little old M-E!

Do you know why ME or MY appears in every question?

Yes, you guessed it – that’s because this life you are living is yours. It’s not theirs; they’re not living it. They haven’t been in your shoes experiencing every success, and most importantly, every struggle!

They may say they understand, or know best, but they NEVER will. That’s because the only person that truly knows, and has the best judge of character is YOU!

being me feels good!

So go conquer yours dreams; be that unstoppable force ensuring you’re living your life to the best, to the fullest, and most importantly exactly the way you want to live it.

Lastly, always remember to be the SIMPLE version of you!





Loving (to others and yourself!)


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