It’s the season for self-care!

September marks an extremely important awareness month, that unfortunately we all may take for granted!

Of course September marks Self-Care Awareness Month

So, this means throughout the whole of September, it’s the time where we really need to focus on ourselves. People forget that looking after yourself and indulging in some M.E. time is actually really good for your health, and your mental health too!


Of course we take it for granted, as most of us don’t (or rarely) put ourselves first. Putting yourself first, or making decisions that you solely choose for yourself can be deemed to be selfish.


Is it really selfish when you think about it?

We all have family, friends, partners, colleagues, neighbours, and furry friends (pets) that we think about on a day to day basis.

Without realising we make decisions daily based on these individuals in our lives, without a second thought. As essentially we’re putting them first.

Yet when did you last give yourself a second thought?

You haven’t have you…

We’re all guilty of it.

We get sucked into everything around us; we’re so plugged into the world and everything that comes with it, that we barely take two seconds out of the day to find ourselves.

Self-care b;pg pic


Now, this is where September comes in with a huge helping hand to assist you to kick-start practising some self-care.

Dedicate this month to completely focusing on you; even if you only take as little as 2-5 minutes out of every day to do something you enjoy for yourself.

At least that’s a start!

Make it your mission this month to focus on little old M.E. (well a little less of the old, I was just kidding!) 

Never feel guilty for doing something that centralises around you and your feelings.

It’s YOUR life, so make sure YOU’RE happy living it.

I will leave you with one final thought that really speaks to the soul…

Sel-care Quote

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