3 Charitable Christmas Campaigns You Need To Know About!

Christmas is not only ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, where we spend quality time with loved ones stuffing our faces, playing silly games, and opening countless gifts!

Yet the true meaning of Christmas is a time for giving, and especially to those less fortunate than us!

For the past few years, I’ve made it my duty to ALWAYS donate money to a charitable cause at Christmas time, giving money to those who need it much more than me.

As I’m such a strong believer in this, and wish to spread goodwill, I wanted to share with you 3 charitable Christmas campaigns you need to know about!

1. RSPCA’s Stock the Sleigh


Quite simply, this charity Christmas campaign is exactly as the title suggests. All you need to do is stock the sleigh with some gifts for all the rescue animals, and by gifts we mean that your donation goes towards a gift that will essentially stock the sleigh.

There is no fixed amount for this, it’s simply as much as you’re willing to donate. A donation as little as £3 goes towards a toy for an animal to play with, and a more generous sum of £40 would go towards veterinary care for an animal.

I am completely biased with this cause, as I have already donated this year, I love animals and I also have pets. So for me, there’s no better way to express my love for animals this year than donating to the RSPCA.

If you’re interested in this cause, you can donate by clicking here!

2. Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

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Another charity Christmas campaign that is close to my heart is the Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal.

As they state with the slogan itself: ‘give joy this Christmas’ by sparing a few pounds for those that need it the most.

A £19 donation goes towards welcome packs and toiletries for homeless people, and a more generous sum of £112 would go towards the cost of 3 officers to run a Salvation Army centre for a day. These centres open their doors to those most vulnerable, providing the services they require.

The Salvation Army do such a great job, which is why I have donated to them at Christmas time for the past few years.

If you’re interested in this cause, you can donate by clicking here!

3. Crisis at Christmas


Another charity Christmas campaign is Crisis at Christmas, which aims to support people out of homelessness.

Nowadays, homelessness has become a growing concern as the levels have increased, and we’re seeing more young people sadly sleeping on the streets.

You can help a homeless person, by reserving a place, from £28.18. Not only will this donation goes toward a nutritious three course meal, but it also allows them to have a shower and they will receive a medical check from a Doctor or Optician etc.

If you’re feeling incredibly generous, you can reserve up to 100 places, however it will cost you almost £3,000.

So, if homelessness is something that is very close to your heart, then this could be the Christmas gift you give this year.

If you’re interested in this cause, you can donate by clicking here! 

Obviously I know charity starts at home, so only be as generous as you can afford to be of course!

If you can, do something great this festive season by giving a charitable gift to those that really need it.

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I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 

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