4 ways to feel festive this Christmas Eve!

Now I don’t know about you, but every year, when Christmas comes round I feel rushed, shocked, and in awe as to where the whole year went?!

Feeling this way also makes me feel quite ‘unfestive’ as it doesn’t quite feel like it’s going to be Christmas day in 24 hours!

If you suffer the same emotions at this time of year, then here’s 4 ways to help you feel festive on Christmas Eve.

1. Bake

Untitled design (7)

I wouldn’t class myself as a domestic goddess in the kitchen, but I do love nothing more than a bit of baking to get me in the festive spirit.

All forms of baking are acceptable from the classic chocolate chip cookies (must leave one for Santa) shortbread, gingerbread men, or if you’re feeling adventurous make you own mince pies from scratch. As long as you’re baking something ‘Christmassy’, it all counts!

I love nothing more than making some Christmas biscuits and bakes on Christmas Eve; the aromas of the biscuits baking in the oven set off the festive vibes throughout your home, and the best bit is that you get to enjoy your hard work after!

2. Unlimited Hot Chocolate

Untitled design (8)

Christmas Eve, or any time throughout December, is the one time of year where it is perfectly acceptable to drink your whole body weight in hot chocolate.

There’s nothing better than a large mug of hot chocolate topped with cream, marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate shavings. It both looks and tastes like Christmas in ONE MUG!

However, there is one rule that is crucial in achieving a festive feel when slurping on your hot chocolate. It must be served in a Christmas mug; like the classic ‘ugly Christmas jumper’ a hot drink is not a festive beverage without a classic Christmas cup.

My personal favourite is one I purchased from Sainsbury’s two years ago, one side says: “Santa I’ve been nice” and the other side says: “Santa I’ve been naughty!” So depending on my mood is which side I show!

3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Untitled design (10)

A huge part of Christmas is the tradition of watching the classic Christmas movies such as: Home Alone, The Grinch, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Claus, Christmas Carol, Love Actually and It’s A Wonderful Life. (The list goes on, but I thought I’d quit while I’m ahead!)

As there is only ONE time of year that we can watch these films, I would say it’s perfectly acceptable to completely binge watch them on Christmas Eve! Get all the festive feels by watching your favourite Christmas movies – what’s not to love?!

Plus, if you’ve got Netflix I’d definitely recommend watching some of the Netflix Original Christmas movies. Some of them are brand new and they’re pretty good, as I’ve watched a few!

4. Make it a Pyjama Day

Untitled design (9)

To back up point three of having a Christmas Movie Marathon, make it more festive by wearing your pyjamas, or even a onesie.

With all the cute Christmas nightwear available from reindeer slippers, to bear dressing gowns and elf pyjamas there’s something for everyone. So why not go all out watching a Christmas film, whilst wearing Christmas pyjamas.

Plus today of all days it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them ALL day!

Obviously if you’re going out, as you have plans, then I wouldn’t advise wearing your pjs out in public. Also, I’d suggest you shower and get yourself ready first, and then put on a fresh pair of festive nightwear to get you in the Christmas mood.

I hope all the points above have helped spark some ideas to get you in the festive mood for Christmas. You may notice that my 4 ways all link into one another!

So firstly you bake some festive treats, whilst they’re baking in the oven you have a quick shower and put on a fresh pair of Christmas pyjamas. Then you make yourself a hot chocolate, put a Christmas movie on, and DING your festive biscuits are now ready to enjoy with your hot chocolate, whilst watching a festive movie in your Christmas pyjamas. It all makes perfect sense!



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