7 ways to completely ‘boss’ 2019

I know we’re already a month in, but as we enter a new year we are always surrounded by the cliche of: New Year, New Me!

Now, I’m not going to bore you in this blog with tips and tricks of ‘new things’ that I’m sure you’ve heard many times before. No, I’m simply going to give some basic advice.


Advice which I have given myself, after suffering a pretty terrible end to 2018, that I would never want to endure again. Due to these events, it’s made me realise even more how precious time is, and how quickly the years go past.

We can all agree that it’s a very British thing to comment on firstly the weather, but secondly how quickly the years are passing!

How are we in 2019 already?!

– quote made by many…

I’m going to grab 2019, make the most of it, whilst setting personal objectives that I’d like to achieve by the end of the year – this way it will make it seem more meaningful!


You are the owner of your own life so take the reins and make this year count more than ever.

Here’s seven simple tips that I’m going to use to make sure I completely ‘boss’ this year!

1. Indulge in ME time


I cannot stress enough the importance of SELF LOVE.

It’s something I’m learning on my journey, and as important as it is to love close, cherished ones, it’s equally important to love yourself.

Spend time doing things for just you. Things that will make you happy and put a smile on your face for more than two seconds. It could be something highly active like going for a run, playing your favourite sport, or it could be something completely lazy like curling up with your favourite film, and fave fast food – doesn’t matter what it is, what counts is that it makes you feel GOOD!

Oh, and no, making time for yourself is NOT selfish. It’s part of looking after yourself, and ensuring good health – it’s all part of your well-being!

2. Ban the B


This is the biggest tip that I am taking forward into 2019. I’m completely banning the B this year!

Gone are the days of listening to people’s nonsense, lies and ‘fabricated facts’. As soon as I sense or smell the B coming my way, I’m not going to pay it the attention that it so desperately desires.

3. Be mindful


When I talk about being mindful, I’m not just talking about taking into consideration other people’s emotions and feelings.

No. I’m also and more importantly talking about taking in the here and now, as well as being wise to you surroundings. Take control and be aware of your existence, as this is all part of truly living your life.

Plus practising mindfulness has a fair few health benefits including: decreasing levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

Be kind to your mental and physical state by being mindful.

4. Expect the unexpected


As much as we want our lives to go down a certain path, or we have a particular plan as to how things will play out, we must prepare for the unexpected.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and in a blink of an eye things can drastically change. I’m not being morbid or negative when I say this, I’m simply being realistic, and helping you to be ready for what life throws at you.

Last year I unfortunately experienced the ‘ultimate unexpected’ – which left me shattered and utterly devastated. So, for now I’ve put a plaster on the pieces but I’ll be more prepared for the next blow – if and when it comes.

5. Always be kind


I absolutely live by this mantra, and I love the quote of ‘throw kindness around like it’s confetti!’

Why wouldn’t you want to be kind to someone?

You should always treat someone how you would wish to be treated, and ask yourself what does kindness cost?


I truly believe that kindness is one of those things in life that makes the world go round – in a good way!

Plus you are what you attract, so if you show kindness, then kindness will find its way back to you.

6. Find a new hobby


Having a hobby in life is part of what keeps us happy – even if we don’t actually realise this or make that connection.

With hundreds and thousands of activities out there it’s fairly easy to start a new hobby, obviously depending on how fussy or specific you are.

It could be something active like learning to salsa dance, or taking up kickboxing.

Alternatively, it could be something educational like learning a new language or joining a book club – you’re expanding your knowledge whilst expanding your friendship group – bonus!

Whatever the hobby is, start a new year by taking part in a new activity or by learning something new.



It’s as simple as that – just live! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before: ‘but if you’re not living then you’re simply existing in life.’

One thing I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog is a quote I will always live by, and it’s a quote my mum has told me many times: ‘you only get one life, and this life you’re living right now is not a rehearsal.’

Such words make my hair stand up on end. I’m slapped in the face by the cold, hard reality of those words.

It’s true.

We’ve only got this life, and time is more precious than any of us will comprehend. So we must spend it wisely.

We must spend it being happy with those we love.

More importantly we must spend it LIVING!

I hope you’re ready 2019 –  because I’M COMING FOR YOU!

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