The F word…

When I talk about the F word, I can guarantee it’s not the same word you’re thinking of.

No, when I say the F word I do not mean an obscene expletive, nor do I mean an offensive word to call a slightly larger person.

The word I actually mean is…


I know.

You’re questioning why a month? When you were actually thinking of a word that has far better meaning. Well, what you may not realise is that February for some causes anxiety, or what I like to call the Triple F.

Fear For February!

Life isn’t all roses, rainbows and unicorns. As much as we so deeply want it to be, for some it is more rain clouds, weeds and gremlins – especially when it comes to February.


It’s bad enough when you feel completely alone due to your relationship status. (Yet consider yourself lucky as it’s even worse for those who have loved and lost.) 

Feeling sheer sadness in the pit of your stomach because when the 14th comes around, you know you won’t receive that velvety red rose, or a surprise card. Instead you will cheer and say: “Yay to me and only me – loving ME!” or “Well at least I didn’t waste money on materialistic memorabilia!”

Lets be honest…

In recent years Valentine’s Day has way too much hype around the date. People feel a pressure to go out and buy luxurious cards, large stuffed ‘I LOVE YOU’ teddy bears (my personal fave) and some even go to the extreme of popping that big question on the ‘most romantic day of the year.’


I think it’s all a cliche if you ask me!

When in reality, if you truly and deeply love someone, or even just care about them, then you would express the emotions you feel on a daily basis. Not just one day of the year, and on biggest con day of the year!

If you’re ‘lonely’ on Valentine’s day, and I use that term loosely because if you don’t have a Valentine then this does not make you lonely! Don’t kid yourself, it really doesn’t matter!

I say embrace it. 

Slap me for saying this too much, but we underestimate the importance of SELF LOVE. So use this to you advantage and celebrate your love for you on Valentine’s this year – you deserve it!

*For those that have partners you may need to also celebrate your love for them too, but regardless – love starts with you. So make sure you are what you attract!


Remember it’s only one day on the calendar, and besides the following day is far more fabulous.

Well, the 15th February is Singles Awareness Day, so bouffant your hair, wear the skimpiest outfit you own, and get ‘fierce’ with your vocals…

All the single ladies, all the single ladies….


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