Your feelings are valid too

I’ve written this post reflecting on a few things I’ve seen across social media the past couple of weeks, which have really unsettled me.

With the lockdown we’re seeing a whole host of people suffering in a variety of ways. Yet unfortunately I fall into the category of what may be considered: ‘the minority of those that don’t matter as much’. As I’m not on the front line, I’m not a key worker, and I’m not a parent who is trying to juggle homeschooling around my job.

These people are the ones that are being praised on social media and those that are considered to have it tougher than others.

Now I don’t discredit them at all; of course they have it tough, and I take my hat off to those who are juggling absolutely EVERYTHING. And of course it goes without saying that I completely admire the NHS and all the key workers who are powering through this pandemic, whilst trying to keep safe.

Yet just because I don’t have children, and I have a job that I can work from home without causing any disruption to the company, does this mean that I have it easier?

That’s how I’m being made to feel. Or at least it’s the way I should feel and I shouldn’t moan or mention that I’m struggling as we have it easier in comparison – apparently…

I think some people forget that EVERYONE is struggling and no one person’s struggles should be placed above someone else’s.

We all deal with things differently and people can be affected by situations more than others. You can have those who are resilient and carry on, yet when you scratch the surface can you honestly tell me they’re okay and aren’t struggling?

The point is that no matter what your circumstance, this whole pandemic and lockdown is tough on absolutely everyone! And more importantly your feelings are valid as much as anyone else.

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