I’m lonely yet I’m not alone…


One word that is literally that – solo, all by itself and a reminder of an awful emotion many of us feel.

When you think of loneliness many may associate it with older people who live alone, or generally people who live by themselves or those who come across as a ‘loner’ (I use that word loosely as I don’t think it’s a very nice word) as they don’t have many or any friends and they prefer their own company – there’s nothing wrong with that!

But that would be a false conclusion when it comes to loneliness.

To be lonely doesn’t necessarily mean to be by yourself or to be alone. Yes, it can affect these types of people but loneliness is found in an array of people, and those that live very different lifestyles.

You can feel lonely even when you have people around you.

And that is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, so incredibly lonely.

I have family, a boyfriend, friends and a loveable Labrador yet recently loneliness has hit me HARD.

It’s not something I’ve taken lightly and I’m still trying to shake off this emotion.

Why do I feel this way? I don’t know.

What has triggered this emotion? I couldn’t tell you.

All I know is that I feel extremely alone. Last week I had a complete breakdown and I felt there was absolutely no one that I could turn to in my time of need.

Literally no one.

I cuddled my teddies, cried by myself, and I tried to ride out the hurt as I felt this was my ONLY option.

It’s not that there’s no one there, I just FEEL like I have no one. Plus, talking to others and expressing my emotions isn’t something that comes naturally to me. Harbouring and holding onto hurt is more my style – silly I know!

The message I’m trying to get across here is that we can be surrounded by people, yet still feel alone. Lockdown and being separated from loved ones can heighten these emotions, especially if we were already feeling a little lonely.

Try to remind yourself that you are NOT alone, embrace your own company as that can be a powerful thing, and remember that this feeling WILL pass. Do things you enjoy and those that boost your mood to make you feel better.

But most importantly if you can: TALK TO SOMEONE, ANYONE.

Only very recently did I tell my boyfriend about feeling so lonely, more when it comes to the friends front. Whilst he doesn’t have the answers I just took comfort in telling him, and getting that weight lifted off of me.

Please make sure you express how you feel, otherwise it will only add more loneliness to that emotion you’re already feeling. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel after opening up, and by the response you’ll receive from those that truly care for you. (Yes, these people do exist!)

You are NEVER alone, please, please know this!

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