Walking my worries away!

For National Walking Month I share how walking actually helps when managing my mental health.

The importance of me time

Me time is incredibly important for many, yet there are some that simply don’t understand why. I’ve heard some of the negative comments that come with me time: isn’t that selfish? Doesn’t that get lonely? Isn’t that boring? Or worse: why do you feel the need to be unsocial? In reality, me time is none…

The proof that we’re all superheroes

I’ve longed for the day to be told I’m Wonder Woman. Mainly because I have a massive girl crush on her, but also because she displays such courage and strength. She’s the epitome of an independent, strong and fierce woman – something I always aspire to be. 

A.S.K. – why it’s so important

Now this kind of ask is not the usual one that first springs to mind. By this ask I mean being there for someone who is struggling with their mental health, and with it being Mental Health Awareness Week, this advice comes at a good time. When it comes to dealing with a friend, colleague,…