Celebrate all your wins, no matter how small they may seem!

Can you count how many times you’ve been a cheerleader for yourself?

You may even be reading this thinking: why would I be my own cheerleader that doesn’t make any sense?!

But it does.

It really, really does make a whole heap of sense.

We’re quick to celebrate wins and good news for family, friends and loved ones. Yet when it comes to our own we’re not as fast to get the party poppers and Prosecco out!

If we can be cheerleaders for others’ wins then we can do the same for ourselves surely?

We NEED to do the same for ourselves.

Every time you achieve something you really wanted, you worked so hard for, or something you were scared and never thought was possible, you should be cheering loud and giving yourself a huge pat on the back.


Well, because we’re quick to criticise and focus on own flaws which isn’t an ideal mindset to have, and certainly doesn’t help with our insecurities and triggers in life.

Flip it, turn it into a positive and tell yourself: wow, well done – you did what you thought was impossible or wow, you worked so hard for this and smashed it, well done!

Tell yourself what you would tell a friend, family member or loved one when they accomplish something they wanted or worked extremely hard for.

I know it’s not the easiest to do if you instantly look at flaws first. I can relate as I’m exactly the same.

Take this picture for example:

I asked my boyfriend to take a picture and video of me hip thrusting with a barbell in the gym. It’s something I’ve only done for a matter of weeks, and might I add it’s in the main weight area which is dominated by men, and it’s an area I find very intimidating.

When I initially looked at the photo and video I thought: eurgh I look so fat, I’m not where I need to be body wise, and my fresh, no make-up face is rather hideous.

I felt deflated.

Yet that’s the problem when we see the ‘bad bits’ first. My boyfriend kindly reminded me that not only have I only been doing this a couple of weeks but being in this area of the gym that I call ‘the jungle’ was something that frightened me, intimidated me and it’s something I NEVER saw myself doing.

I would only go to the gym if my boyfriend was, and I would shy away in the ladies area with hope of it being quiet so no one could see me, because exercising in front of people is not something I’m comfortable with. And because I’m not in shape I feel TOTALLY out of place in the gym and feel people will look at me and think: what is she doing here? Or cue Mean Girls: she doesn’t even go here?! (If you know you know!)

Yet here I am going to the gym solo on occasions, when I do go with my boyfriend we split up to do our workouts separately, and more importantly here I am owning my space!

Whilst it may not seem a big deal to others it is HUGE for me. This is something I NEVER thought I’d do as it’s totally out of my comfort zone. I’d watch other women lifting weights in the gym on Instagram in awe, wishing I had the confidence to do the same. But here I am doing it.

I know my boyfriend is there as a safety net but regardless I’m doing it myself, pushing myself and my comfort levels whilst owning my area in the gym, and that in itself is a WIN!

Instead of criticising what I should be saying is: yes, go me!!

We are guilty of being our own worst critic as it’s so easily done. But if I could ask you to do one thing today it’s to: be your own cheerleader.

Congratulate yourself on something you’ve achieved no matter how big or small it may seem, and OWN IT!

Recognise your achievements, flip the perspective and please be kinder to yourself. Trust me, your body and more importantly your mind will thank you!


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