Words of Wisdom…

This week’s words come in light of recent events captured by the press, which have shocked the nation.

Yes, I am talking about the sudden and devastating death of former Love Island star Mike Thalassitis. Personally when I saw the news flash up on my phone, my mouth literally dropped and I prayed it wasn’t suicide.

Yet when they confirmed it was I felt my heart sink!

This story hit hard, as I know of people personally who have committed suicide too, and it breaks my heart to think that they believe this is the only way out for them, or this is their path to end the pain they endure in life every day.

Now, my words of wisdom this week that relate to this topic are as follows:

Copy of there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish!' (1)

By this quote, I mean if you are suffering or struggling in life, then please do not keep it to yourself and hope it goes away.

I know only too well how it feels to fight those demons and dark thoughts that encompass your mind, as they strike you unannounced and when you least expect it.

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or if you’re simply having a really rough ride in life – I know it can happen all too often – then please make sure you seek help.

Do not stay silent and keep it all to yourself, because as strong as you think you are, it only means you suffer more as you’re holding onto way too much than you can handle.

And no that does not make you weak – it reminds you that you’re only human!

Do not suffer on your own.

Please reach out to someone, it can be absolutely anyone that will listen to you. Yes, it will be hard at first, and yes you’ll have to find the courage to admit you need a helping hand but believe me when I say from personal experience, it will be the best choice you’ll ever make.

Seek help, before it’s sadly too late! 🖤


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