Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I’m back with the quote of the week!

Each week (that I do commit to, or have time to post) I aim to offer words or advice that help. Words that give you a fresh perspective on certain aspects of life, or simple supportive words that are completely relevant to your current circumstance.

Believe me, we ALL go through tough times and just need some kind, motivating words for reassurance, and the obvious: “everything will be okay” works like a charm. Yet in some situations it’s the last thing we want to hear, as it seems so far from reality.

This week my focus is related to my last topic, focusing on the stigma around mental health and why you should seek help.

These words are as straightforward as this:

For those friends that smile, and those that constantly check in with you, offering kind words when you’re blue…

Please check in on these friends!

These are the friends that are most likely to perhaps be struggling, and clinging on to an inch of happiness, or in some cases, they’re chasing and searching for it.


As they say, even the saddest people constantly smile. They wear a mask like no other that completely conceals their true identity and raw emotions.

They smile through the pain like you cannot imagine, and their smile only fades when they’re instantly alone.

So please take at least ONE MINUTE out of your day to check on them – simply ask how are you? Offer them a cup of tea or the simplicity of and hug and meaningful words like: “I’m always here if you need me” will do.

Those words, as small as they sound could make a real difference! Just knowing you’re there would most likely mean the absolute world to them.

So please check in on those people that are constantly checking in on EVERYONE else but themselves!

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