A.S.K. – why it’s so important

Now this kind of ask is not the usual one that first springs to mind.

By this ask I mean being there for someone who is struggling with their mental health, and with it being Mental Health Awareness Week, this advice comes at a good time.

When it comes to dealing with a friend, colleague, family or other loved ones that are struggling with their mental health, I advise that you follow one simple rule.

In fact it’s easier than that – follow one small word.

That word being:


…and no I don’t mean ask away as to how they are (even though in some cases that is exactly what they need a friendly face to do for them) but what I really mean is:


– The K Conversation


That’s all I ask….

It really is as simple as that, and such a small gesture from you could make the absolute biggest difference to them! 🖤

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