Practising Self-care During Lockdown

Practising self-care is something we should all get into the habit of doing. Yet carrying this out during a pandemic is absolutely crucial.

Currently, emotions are running high due to coronavirus and the lockdown that our country is experiencing.

It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, sad, suffocated, lost – in all honesty there’s a whole host of emotions you can experience. So, NOW really is the time to be taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

To help keep yourself content and smiling, even on the days that you really don’t feel like it, I’ve got some ways to help you practise self-care.

9 Ways To Practise Self-Care During A Pandemic

1. Read

Dust off your bookshelf and grab yourself a book to read. Reading provides a level of escapism which will help take your mind off the current events in the world.

Take yourself into another dimension with the simplicity of a book.

You could always set up a book club with friends, and discuss book options over a video call. Helps you commit to reading and gives you an excuse to catch up with friends or loved ones.

2. Learn something new

Take up a new hobby and make your days as productive as they can be. This will be essential for keeping you sane if you’re not working from home, or if you have been furloughed.

Set yourself a challenge of something new that you would like to learn. This way it gives you a goal and something to aim for, making your days feel more meaningful.

3. Create a gratitude guide

At times like this it’s VERY easy to have a negative mindset! As external factors around you can easily encourage these thoughts.

So why not create yourself a grateful guide! And by this I mean grab a brand-new notebook that you label as a grateful guide and take 5 minutes every day to write down something you’re thankful for. Start with one thing, then perhaps the next week try two, and then keep building from there.

This will help switch your mindset as you search for positives whilst also spreading gratitude.

4. Practise Yoga or an exercise of your choice

Exercise is great for the body and equally great for the mind. Whilst you might not be up for exercising, just think how great you feel afterwards.

It can be an exercise of your choice and always go at your own pace; it’s not a race and you’re certainly not in competition with anyone. This is simply to make you feel good and reap the benefits.

I’m a lover of yoga as it’s one exercise that I find I can completely switch my mind off, and focus on nothing but yoga and more importantly the breathing.

Perfect if you need some de-stress time too!

5. Keep moving

You’re probably thinking what DOUBLE exercise?! But no…by keep moving I mean dancing!

‘Dance like no one is watching’ – crank up your favourite tunes and dance away. Even if you don’t think you have the moves, just wiggling away to some of your favourite songs is sure to boost your mood.

I’m a lover of blaring out some Motown or Disney songs, and I ALWAYS do this when I’m feeling low. As I know it cheers me up, gets my feet, hips and whole body moving, whilst I dance my cares away!

Great distraction and mood booster – trust me!

6. Talk

We all underestimate the power of talking!

Opening up and talking to someone does wonders for your wellbeing, especially if something is bothering you, or consuming your mind.

A time like now we’re all experiencing an array of emotions, and may really be struggling with the lockdown. So make sure you reach out and talk to someone!

We have an extensive range of online video calling platforms that are free to use, so take advantage of it. Or, if you’re not a fan of video calling just pick up the phone and talk to family, friends, or other loved ones. It will do you the world of good!

7. Up your beauty and skincare regime

Now that we have more time on our hands, we can all do with some extra TLC. Whether that be putting on a face mask, hair mask, having a soak in the bath, or painting your nails, it all counts towards one main outcome – you feel GOOD! (Or you at least feel better than you did before…)

It’s amazing what a good moisturiser or nail polish can do for your mood!

Plus, with all this extra hand washing, a good hand cream is a MUST-HAVE item!

8. Get in the kitchen

With all this extra time spent at home, get yourself in the kitchen and up your culinary skills.

I know stock in some supermarkets right now may be limited, but it’s amazing what you can rustle up with few ingredients. Jamie Oliver is a good chef to follow for this kind of thing; plus it’s an activity that keeps your mind busy and focused on something meaningful.

Whatever you cook whether it’s something sweet or savoury, you can take pride in the fact you learnt a new recipe and you had a crack at it. Plus, if the recipe works out great then you get to eat the final product, which is a big bonus in itself!

9. De-clutter your home

Sorting out stuff within your household is a great way to cleanse your aura. So if you’re feeling a lot of negativity, which is understandable due to current circumstances, then have a sort out!

Start small with little spaces that are cluttered, and ones that you feel overwhelmed by the sight of them. Get rid of anything you don’t use, need, or have an emotional attachment to.

I’m a fan of Marie Kondo and her techniques are something I now live by when sorting my stuff. I look at an item and ask myself: “When I first look at this what do I think and feel?”

If it reminds me of a negative or upsetting time, then it has to go because I feel as if I’m carrying that weight of darkness with me.

Once you have got rid of those items that remind you of sad, dark, and unsettling times you may feel a weight lifted and an added ray of sunshine injected into your life.

Honestly it works for me EVERY time, and I always feel so much better for it when getting rid of things that bought nothing but misery as a memory!

Please, please stay safe at such alarming times as these! And remember to keep giving yourself daily doses of self-care during lockdown – it’s extremely important for your wellbeing, plus it will help get you through these extremely tough times that we’re all currently experiencing.

Stay safe, stay home, and save lives! 🖤

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