Just two words…

Okay, yes, the title is actually three words if you want to be picky. Yet this blog post revolves around two hard hitting words that cut deep.

These words cut deep not just for me, they do for friends of mine, family members, colleagues both past and present.

Plus, I’m sure they will resonate with strangers, but we don’t know this for certain as we don’t know them on personal levels. But nevertheless these words can cut deep for many.

The two words I’m talking about go a little like this…

Everyone is getting married and having babies, yet I’m not…

Why me?

Everyone seems to be happy, yet I’ve forgotten what that emotion feels like…

Why me?

I’m nothing but kind to people, yet they walk over me and stab me in the back…

Why me?

I’m in a room full of people, yet I feel like no one can see me…

Why me?

I suffer dark thoughts that consume my mind and tarnish my soul, questioning my very existence and purpose…

Why me?

I feel nothing but pain, and I’m still breathing…

Why me?

These thoughts are not just thoughts that you or I have experienced, plenty of people have had a least one of these cross their mind.

This shows that you’re not alone in these thoughts and it’s okay to feel this way. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t make you weak, and it certainly doesn’t make you worthless.

No, it means it’s completely normal and understandable to have these feelings because guess what? Life is tough and it throws a lot of rubbish our way that sometimes the weight of it all gets a little TOO heavy to carry anymore!

We just need to turn those thoughts into a positive. We need to spin the answer of why me into:

I’m me; I’m okay with that and I’m exactly where I need to be!

You’re on your own path in life – yours! So try not to compare yourself to others and trust in the journey, and what’s destined for you.

Good things are coming and the greatest thing in life is the fact that you’re YOU.

Shine bright sweetheart!

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