6 ways to stay positive during lockdown

Trying to remain positive during a global pandemic, and whilst you’re in your ninth week of lockdown, can almost seem impossible.

This whole ordeal comes with its highs and lows. We’re literally riding a covid-19 rollercoaster right now as we’re being thrown in different directions, and our minds are most certainly going in loops.

So how do you stay positive at such a testing time?

Remember, things you do and external factors have a direct impact on your mood, so doing activities that make you feel good will essentially lift your mood.

I’ve got a few ideas that I practice daily or sometimes weekly, which have become essential for me in keeping negative thoughts at bay!

6 ways to stay positive during lockdown

1. Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards are a great way of lifting your mood, or almost giving your day a purpose and goal to aim for.

I recently got some affirmation cards as a little pick me up. I select a card every day and that’s my thought for the day.

Today’s one is: “see it from another point of view.”

That’s exactly what I’ll do. If a negative thought arises I shall look at it from a different point of view, and try and spin it into a positive!

2. Write lists

As we all know from the sensational Mrs Hinch, lists are an absolute godsend! Especially for us overly organised people.

Yet I’m not specifically talking about creating lists of jobs to do round the house. No, I’m talking about creating a list daily, or one that can be spread over a few days like across the weekend, with things for YOU to do.

Now, as I’m working from home five days a week my weekends are absolutely essential to me. Yet with everything that’s going on I was struggling to enjoy those two days, as we literally cannot go anywhere or see anyone.

So, to spin it into a positive and make my weekends more meaningful I create a list for me. The list contains a variety of things from sorting out clothes in my room and cleaning, to baking and watching a Disney movie.

It feels so good ticking things off knowing I’ve done something meaningful with my day, rather than binging on Netflix and crying into my pillow.

3. Keep a journal

Having a journal I feel is essential for keeping a healthy and positive mind. Now I don’t necessarily mean one where all you do is write away on a daily basis, but obviously if that’s your preference go for it!

No, I mean more of an activity and wellbeing journal. I recently purchased this one from Amazon which is in aid of the mental health charity Mind.

I think it’s fab as it has several activities, inspiring quotes, colouring in pages, and of course pages for you to write down your thoughts.

With a whole array of activities it does a world of good for your wellbeing – a friend of mine got it too, and she said it’s the best purchase she’s made during lockdown!

4. Reduce screen time

This is a HUGELY important point to consider during lockdown.

Now as much as we’re upping activity on our phones, tablets or laptops with video calls to loved ones. The increased screen time can be quite detrimental to our mood and overall wellbeing.

I myself have reduced my screen time massively; according to my phone’s report my average time was down 40% last week. Unfortunately as I’m working from home for a predominantly digital company, I’m looking at screens for 8, sometimes 10 hours a day. From what used to be face to face meetings are now video conferences, and what used to be chats are now messages over Microsoft teams.

And it’s really starting to take its toll.

So I’ve been very honest with close ones and told them that as much as I miss them right now, for my own sanity I need to stay away from my phone for more than just 5 minutes!

One night I left my phone, got into bed, put on the latest episode of a series that I’m watching with a face mask on, and I didn’t message anyone until the morning.

I kid you not it was pure bliss!

I felt less stressed, less tired, and I was able to properly relax before bedtime and get in some well deserved me time.

Don’t feel guilty if you have to distance yourself from loved ones right now to focus on you. We’re all struggling right now and if your loved ones really care they will totally understand.

5. Walk

Going for a walk is a great way to clear your head, and it’s also ideal for getting in some time for yourself. As they say: be at one with nature – take everything in as you go for a stroll and walk all your worries away.

Plus, as we’re currently all cooped up inside, and have been for the past 9 weeks, it will actually do you a whole world of good to just get outdoors.

A change of scenery can help change your mindset too!

6. Do things that you enjoy

It goes without saying doesn’t it?! If you do something you enjoy then you will feel that overwhelming euphoria, as you take pleasure in a certain activity that you love.

So if you’re feeling low and have a relatively negative outlook, then simply take part in an activity that you thoroughly enjoy.

Not only will it lift your mood as it’s something you love, but it will also shift your focus and mindset too, thus cancelling out that negativity that was brewing!

I do hope these ideas on how to stay positive during lockdown were helpful, or at least sparked some ideas of your own. Remember you’ve got this and everything will be okay in the end! 🖤

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