Words of wisdom Wednesday – power of a flower!

Okay so it’s been A WHILE since I’ve done a words of wisdom post, but I’m finally back with a new thought of the week.

This thought came as I saw a quote that really resonated with me, so I wanted to share this with you all.

The quote goes a little something like this:

Now this is exactly true!

Picture it exactly the same as how you would look after flowers. (Sorry if you’re not a flower person but just hear me out for a second.)

Yet like flowers when you buy or receive them, they require a level of nourishment and care in order for them to grow.

You give them the required flower food, and you water them daily in order for them to bloom. Or you could say, so that they can flourish and this is EXACTLY the same for humans.

Now by this I mean not only nourishing others to help them flourish in life, but also to make sure you do the same for YOU.

Taking care of yourself, and putting yourself first at times is not selfish, it’s part of your wellbeing and that’s highly important.

Another key quote that’s relative to this is the fact that you cannot pour from an empty cup!

Don’t be pouring all your energy and nourishing nature on others, save some for yourself too!

This is exactly what I mean by the power of a flower! Nourish until you flourish and be the brightest bloom you can possibly be! 🖤

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