The importance of me time

Me time is incredibly important for many, yet there are some that simply don’t understand why.

I’ve heard some of the negative comments that come with me time: isn’t that selfish?

Doesn’t that get lonely? Isn’t that boring?

Or worse: why do you feel the need to be unsocial?

In reality, me time is none of the above.

You are not selfish for wanting time just for you.

It’s not a lonely thing at all, it’s empowering yourself and enjoying your own company.

Boring? Absolutely not – only boring people would make such a silly statement!

Feeling the need to be unsocial? Again, it is NOT being unsocial it’s dedicating time for you to do something you enjoy.

I understand some people can’t stand to be alone, and the very thought of it terrifies them; I do feel sorry for these individuals. Yet me time is so much more than just spending time by yourself.

Why me time is important…

It is crucial for one to take time for themselves, doing something they take pleasure in, but ultimately the goal is to lift your mood and try to make yourself feel happy.

I get peaks where life makes me feel like I’m hanging on by a thread, and one that is snapping very fast. This is when I recognise I need some me time and I need it ASAP!

Just shutting the world out for a few moments to centre your focus, breathing out negativity and breathing in positivity works wonders. Better yet, it helps that grey cloud that’s looming over to pass quicker.

So take those 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes plus just for you. Hell, take a few hours if it makes you feel better – that’s the important thing to note here.

If you want to stuff your face with all the snacks going – do it!

If you want to binge on your favourite series – do it!

If you want the simplicity of a cup of tea with biscuits whilst reading a book – do it!

Whatever you do with your me time do it for YOU! Don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel guilty, and don’t justify your reasons as to why you’re taking this time.

Those who know, love, and truly appreciate you will understand the importance of this time for yourself.

ME time – it’s in the title!

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