6 Ways To Start Practising Self-care! 🖤

Yes, I’ve banged on about it before, but this season really is about self-care, and it’s about time you started! 

As they say: ‘by name, by nature!’

It’s self-care by name, and you my friend will make it become second nature. (Well it’s about time you thought about yourself for once!)

For those that struggle, I’ve made it really simple and completely idiot proof.

Sorry, but if you’re not taking time for yourself, then you really are a fool!

Here’s 6 ways to help you start your journey to self care. They’re simple, rewarding, and most of all fun ideas!



I’m a strong believer that tea solves everything!

Well, I would say that as I’m an absolute fiend for tea, but you know the point I’m getting at.

Having a hot drink can give you that warming feeling inside, making you instantly feel happier and relaxed.

So, whether it’s a classic tea, a strong espresso, or a luxury hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows, take some time to actually enjoy your drink savouring every last sip.

If your not a hot drink lover, then a glass of your favourite fizz is perfectly acceptable too – just not too many!



Isn’t having a bubble bath one of the best ways to relax?

Especially when you’ve had a long day, or you’re feeling under the weather. Fill up the tub, and quite literally soak up the peace and tranquillity that a bath can bring.

If you’re feeling more adventurous; add some bath salts, fizzers, oils, and lavender to make your experience that little bit more luxurious.

Also, the addition of a rubber ducky to your bath is most encourage by myself!

Go on, bring out your inner child!



I’m completely biased when it comes to books, as I’m a complete book worm, and I love nothing better than curling up with a good book if I’m having some ME time.

What’s not to love about a good book?

They help you escape reality, and take you into another dimension in the form of story world.

Rumour has it, reading a book before bedtime really helps you to unwind and you’re more likely to have a better night’s sleep!




Remember how your favourite song or playlist made you feel…

I can guarantee it made you smile, and hit you right in the feels!

Those sort of feelings we can only wish to bottle up and unleash when we most need it. So harness this feeling by listening to your favourite song or playlist, to instantly lift your mood.

If you can only think of one song, then that’s fine start there. Eventually you will find more songs and you can add them to your ever-growing playlist of: ‘Happy Hits’, ‘Mood lifting Music’ – you get the idea!

Similarly to reading you can escape the world with your favourite songs, it will lift your mood, and if you can sing then bravo my friend!



Whether you favourite food comes in the form of a seven course Italian meal, some sushi, or a slice of chocolate fudge cake, make sure you reward yourself with some feel-good food.

Food is literally fuel to help keep us going, and feel energised etc. However, it is a real luxury in life; so make sure you’re also making time to not only eat something that is good for your body, but it also makes you feel good inside too!

Bring on those endorphins, and bring on that glowing, sunshine smile that only the love of good food can bring.

As I say: ‘food that’s yummy, means happy tummy!’

Go on, treat yourself – I won’t tell if you don’t!




We’re at that time of year now where it’s: blanket, curl up on the sofa, watch a movie, light a candle kinda season.

So why don’t you do exactly that!

Not only does the warmth and dancing flame bring a sparkle to your mood, but the aromas that certain candles bring are absolutely heavenly.

It’s also like bringing a relaxing spa day right to your doorstep, and all it takes is a few candles and a lighter or matches!

These are just 6 examples of my tips to help give you a rough idea of what I mean, but feel free to adapt your own and completely experiment with what you love, and what you love to do!

It’s self care season now baby, so what are you waiting for!

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